Furnishing is an art

Furnishing is an art, which in some cases can bring challenges if the spaces have particular characteristics to respect.

Often the perfect solution is to focus on fully customized contract furniture.

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This choice respects the conformation of the space, as well as the presence of existing structural elements or furniture.

There are therefore weight challenges, for example when it is required to furnish spaces on floors where load limits must be respected. Even in these cases, the custom-made furniture solution offers the freedom to insert the desired element without changing the interior design or adding risky loads to the floor. 

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Palladio Concept creates Contract furniture elements with a light structure, such as a wooden skeleton coated with mineral compounds (stone or concrete). In these cases, the same piece of furniture shows less weight than the original, providing an impressive visual impact and a functional and logistic benefit.

Soluzioni d'architettura personalizzate


Personalization is key because the architects and clients we work with need solutions customized in terms of shapes, colors, and touch.

The second aspect that Palladio Concept considers is finding a solution to all the challenges that an ambitious project may encounter.

From the reduction of weight loads to every request related to aesthetics, Palladio Concept is ready to propose the most suitable solutions to overcome even the most complex design challenges.



Our company serves an international audience, managing every single phase of the project. This turn-key service leads to high satisfaction of our clients, who save time and energy.