Interior Design


Interior Design


Palladio Concept creates hyper-customized furnishing accessories, ready to aesthetically impact your commercial and residential spaces. Each piece of furniture is developed ‘project by project’ starting from the design. The complete customization adapts to your design, aesthetic and functional needs. The Palladio Concept furnishing accessories include textiles, upholstery, and lighting for a luxury concept that translates every single detail of the design into reality.

Consulenza illuminotecnica Vicenza
Illuminazione personalizzata per ambienti


Design and Creation

We give freedom of designing and implementing visionary projects. Palladio Concept is committed to overcoming not only material challenges but also those related to structural or space obstacles.

To achieve this goal, we hired the best Italian artisans, capable of manufacturing every element of the project.


Experience and Technology for Customized Furniture Solutions

We realize hyper customized projects for shops, homes and offices. Projects are tailor-made on customers’ needs. We take care of details to make your solution unique.


In-house Labs

We invested in an in-house lab where all the materials are developed and tested.

The lab is key to keep up with the new technologies and to fulfill completely the expectations of our clients.

Innovative and sustainable solutions allow us to realize flooring, surfaces, furniture, and any element required in the project.

Soluzioni d'architettura personalizzate


Personalization is key because the architects and clients we work with need solutions customized in terms of shapes, colors, and touch.

The second aspect that Palladio Concept considers is finding a solution to all the challenges that an ambitious project may encounter.

From the reduction of weight loads to every request related to aesthetics, Palladio Concept is ready to propose the most suitable solutions to overcome even the most complex design challenges.



Our company serves an international audience, managing every single phase of the project. This turn-key service leads to high satisfaction of our clients, who save time and energy.